Treatment for Schizophrenia simplified

Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder that has been found a lot among the youth lately. It’s mostly found among the youth who are into the last years of their teenage or adolescent period or during the early years of childhood. As far as the reasons for the disease are concerned it can be either inherited or may be due to the external factors such as drug abuse or the phases in one’s life, infection, The patient is almost lost in a virtual world of his own. He is not able to differentiate between the things that happened in his life and his mere hallucinations. The individual almost holes up into his world. He feels as if some unknown force controls him, develops a messed up speech, disconnects himself from the social life around him, and gets paranoid, stress among other factors.

In the treatment for Schizophrenia, the patient is fed with medicines, also known as antipsychotics that would be helpful to keep him in control. Perhaps it’s been advocated that management of a patient is more useful than going for the definite cure. Chlorpromazine, haloperidol, trifluoperazine are the three main drugs that are used worldwide in treatment for Schizophrenia. Two doses of antipsychotics are given throughout two weeks to the patient to see if he responds to the medications given.

In case he does, the same routine is maintained, or else he is given Clozapine, a more advanced drug. It should be noted that Clozapine must only be used only as a secondary option.
Another development is the field is the use of psychosocial activities to bring the patients to normal behavior. The patient is subjected to cognitive behavioral therapy in which the aspects of the disease is targeted and then in a systematic manner and then cured. Always remember, medicines and treatments can only work if the patients are still loved and cared to the fullest. None falls sick willingly, do they?

Treatment for Diabetes


All of you must have heard about Diabetes. A common yet sometimes fatal disease found among many people around the world. What happens in the condition is that the patient’s body does not produce enough insulin or either the insulin produced does not act with the cells of the body. This gives an increase to blood sugar in one’s body, and the medical condition resulting from it is called diabetes. It is categorized into two, Type one and Type two diabetes. Type one is the condition in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin so that the blood sugar in the body can be synthesized. This condition may be averted by injecting a monitored amount of insulin into one’s body. The second one, Type two diabetes comes into the picture when the blood cells in the body do not respond at all to the insulin produced by the body. Another condition is Gestational diabetes that is found among pregnant women.
As far as the treatment for Diabetes goes, it is more or less about keeping the blood sugar stable always as it is a chronic noncurable disease except for some individual cases. Hence, the patient needs typically to keep his blood sugar level under control by a combination of many things like diet intake, insulin intake, smoking, alcohol, exercise, diet control amongst others. Regular exercise can also be helpful because it brings down the level of cholesterol. Moreover, the oral medication, Metformin is used among the patients to achieve the target. Also in case of complicated cases of diabetes, insulin injections are made mandatory along with oral medicines, because if treatment for Diabetes is not carried out carefully and correctly, it may give rise to many other problems including heart diseases too. But for a diabetic patient, he is the best doctor, because he would always know about how much calorie intake he has done and how much sugar has gone inside and how much medications he needs to take at what time and keep a regular check on his blood sugar levels.

How to lose weight naturally?


Obesity, weight disorder, extra fats, all of them have been a significant issue among the youth today. Everyone wants to get the perfect shape, wants to be admired and not made fun of. And thus, the weight reducing sector has become a market in itself. You can have a variety of equipment and medicines and other support systems that promise you to help you reduce the weight efficiently in a limited amount of time guaranteed. But one thing that we do not realize that it may sometimes backfire on us. Always remember, the best way to reduce way is to do it the healthy way rather than going for express mechanisms. But how to lose weight naturally? For the answer, keep reading.


Good diet, along with proper exercise, that is the best methodology for weight reducing. Good food means a balanced diet, with only that much amount of carbohydrates and fats that the body requires little-increased levels of proteins. The lower amount of carbohydrates and fats helps to use up the stored energy and fat stored inside. And for exercise, an early morning jog can do wonders for you. One should also take out time for a 45-minute exercise routine, excluding warm-up, appropriately balanced with cardio workouts, aerobics, and the regular work out exercises. If that is not possible, one can always opt for a brisk walk in the evening. Drinking lots of water is another good thing that can be put into practice. Fruit intakes rather than the healthy diet would also be super beneficial. Opting for physical activities at work like taking stairs instead of lifts, walking whenever possible can also be helpful even though it seems like too small to make a difference. Junk food should be avoided because it breaks the chain of events that would help you to get a speedy weight reduction. Always eat healthy and fresh and adhere to your routine and see wonders happening to yourself.

Prostate Cancer treatment.


Cancer, as we all know, has been on a rampage since last few decades on altogether on a global scale. The number of people who died owing to all the different types of cancer over the past few decades has increased exponentially. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is found in males, and the number of men affected by it has undoubtedly increased lately.

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate that is situated under the urinary bladder. It contains some glands and is also filled with fluid that also contains semen. When the symptoms of prostate cancer are taken into consideration, it is usually marked by pain while urinating and sexual intercourse, blood in urine, excessive but irregular urinating cycle, pain in the abdominal area, etc.

No reasons as such have been found out for the condition, but then the researchers have proved that genetic factors do contribute and often it may be caused due to inheritance. Prostate cancer treatment does include the standard procedures followed in case of any other type of cancer. Radiation techniques are used at times, along with proton therapy In case cancer can be removed, surgery is also implemented. Other methods include chemotherapy or the ultrasound techniques which achieves chemicals and high-intensity sound waves respectively. Since male hormones trigger it, some medicines like finasteride and dutasteride have been found among the users to curb it.

Castration-resistant prostate cancer is another condition that can be associated with common prostate cancer. Ketoconazole is another drug that is in practice, but it has nasty side effects. Hence an improved medicine, formed by combining Avastin, prednisone, and thalidomide is put into practice by doctors to keep a check on it. The best thing about this combination drug is that it is devoid of the dangerous side effects that can be caused. Prostate cancer is more prominent in American countries as compared to Asia, and it has been the second largest cause of deaths in the United States which makes Prostate cancer treatment a field of immediate concern


Treatment of Osteoarthritis


Arthritis is a common disorder that is found in people belonging to the old age belt that is caused due to the problem at joints. Over 100 types of arthritis have yet been discovered to exist, among which all of them are about joints of bones. Due to the average working of our limbs, the muscles and the tissues around are destroyed over the years, bringing the joints and junctions wide open, and they rub against each other causing severe pain that at times become unbearable for the affected.
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, which can occur at any possible joints inside the human body. It mainly affects hands and legs, and in that too more prominently legs because it has to deal with most of the weight of the body. The tissues around the knee joints get destroyed, and the bones come in contact with each other, and thus the disease gets started. Treatment for Osteoarthritis includes a variety of things that can be practiced to support a painless life. Exercise and weight loss are two critical things that can be put into action. Exercise because that helps you to keep the joint concerned in proper condition always and weight loss because it reduces the BMI and thereby provides the all-around relief. Painkillers like paracetamol are used in case the patients complain about lots of pain. If it does not work, then you can also use advanced medicines like Ibuprofen, etc.

can be used but then contain the risk of adverse side effects, so they must be avoided as far as possible. Surgery is also a good option. Joint replacement surgeries have become common. Acupuncture has also developed techniques in the field of treatment of Osteoarthritis. Summing up all the main points the most important part would be to maintain a good healthy daily routine because that would also keep a check on your weight and keep the affected joins in proper working condition promising fewer pains.