Discrete LOVE

Proposing your lover is never easy, of course, it’s not the I LOVE YOU that one finds difficult. It’s the procedure of asking your lover, will they spend the rest of their treasured life with you that makes the men bite their nails. Well, the art of proposal ranges back from the inception of humans itself but how you are going to? Depends upon a lot of things, some men and women might not like being proposed in an open platform while some dream a heroic moment like it since teenage. Some people might love bragging about their romantic lives on social media; a few others prefer to keep it intimate and personal. So below given are a few tricks which will help you to make your love proposal discreet in the way you want to;
You can always surprise your lover with an engagement ring in the food you individually cook for them or you can ingest that in her toothpaste, so as she wakes up in the morning to a tiresome day and puts her paste on the brush a surprise engagement ring will really shock her up and as she moves back in the room to confirm you sit on the bed with champagne to celebrate. A perfect moment isn’t it?
One beautiful evening as she is stepping out of her door and looking for a cab how romantic would it be if the first cab that she gets into takes her to this strange place which has candles are lit in a way that implies your “will you marry my proposal?” with you already present there?
Another way for you to propose is to put the engagement ring in a secret compartment in your shared almirah with love letters and roses; you can also fill her bathtub with presents and roses adding to the charm would be aromatic candles. You can put the engagement ring in the tub attached with a rose.

Surprise them with a huge bouquet, some chocolates, and a huge present. The important gift will contain numerous other smaller currents inside it, and inside of it all will be a gorgeous engagement ring, smiling there and begging for a YES.
There is nothing better than one expressing their love in front of the world, an entire newspaper section purchased for the critical question will not only shock them it will also be a perfect beginning to a joyful journey of spending your lives together.


Valentine “HER”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it is a very apt time to repeat the cliché, “the aroma of love is present in the air.” And not very surprising at all is the common query that pops up in the hearts of millions of love-struck lads, “How do I propose to her?” Yes, it’s a mighty task indeed. A proposal is the most beautiful moment of a relationship, one that is cherished forever and ever, that magical moment when your nervousness is at its peak when your heart is almost in your mouth, and all you have in the world is a desperate need to hear an enduring “YES.”

Well apparently it’s not the moment that one dreads; it’s the lack of idea of how to sneak that glowing engagement ring in a way that surprises the love of your life. There are many ways to propose your girl and believe it, or not her answer does depend upon your style of the proposal. No one wants a ring thrown on their face like a free fruit with no panache; a decent presentation is a must.

For the romantic readers of this portal here is an exclusive way to make your declaration of love a grand affair. The dream of every woman is her male love to showcase his feelings in public, and that’s what you need to do. Now most men who are reading this would go for the old lame idea of an engagement ring in a restaurant table, but that’s not actually grand enough first, and secondly, a trick like that died a million years ago.

Here is what you do; you ask your girlfriend out for an ordinary movie plan on Valentine’s Day. Now this would lower her expectations, and she will not expect anything huge at all, and that is where you implement your plans. You make a nice montage of pictures of you both, some beautiful memories and end that with a cute caption expressing your love. Seems easy, it isn’t; the tricky part is that you need to convince the manager of the hall to play that montage during the intermission. Of course, take out your wallets and bribe him; and during the break, as she is astonished by this sudden gesture of love seal the deal with an engagement ring, thus making this Valentine the grandest of all times but a statutory warning; scoop up this idea before someone else does.


Expressing your- Wondrous LOVE

Love is perhaps the most beautiful and magnificent feeling in the world. A soul is so pure that changes your life, your state, actually your entire world. We all love someone; we do but fail to express it. Some tend to show their feelings through a giant teddy bear while some find beautiful greeting cards the true messenger of their emotions. Years have come and gone, but we as humans have stuck to the old means of expressing LOVE.
This year screw the old, this Valentine’s Day, cherish your love, encourage and celebrate it. Celebrate it in a way like no one else does. We all need grand love moments in our lives and here is your chance to create yours, follow the steps mentioned below;
Firstly, make a promise to your selves that you will not buy crappy gifts for your valentine this year like an old painting or a locket with hearts that can have your photos. Go for a ring; if you are in a serious relationship go for a diamond ring, the best thing about diamond rings is that they are never out of fashion. Married lovebirds can go for wedding rings which are so in the way; preset rings are always the safest option.

Secondly, style up yourself. Look the best you can, charm and woo your Valentine. New clothes are not mandatory, but a unique style is a MUST.
Thirdly, make your love a magnanimous affair; arrange for a dance group. Select a groovy, romantic dance number and practice with the group. If you are not a dancer, try singing or just let the hired group perform and make your surprise entry at the end with your diamond/preset/wedding ring. The critical fact is that this performance should be as tremendous as your love and an excellent place for the same would be their college or maybe an open market. Show your appreciation to the entire world; everyone loves that.
So, what are you waiting for start now, the much awaited day is about to come. Prepare yourself to witness that pretty smile on your loved one’s face. Style up, pull up your socks and express your wondrous love.

Jealous love

There has been a lot of buzzes recently in the world of social media; people are sharing different ways of proposing their lovers all over the world. A recent video that I watched had a grand dance proposal at the mall with about 500 dancers; creative isn’t it? It sure is, but the sad truth of life is that most people actually don’t have that kind of money to hire 500 dancers, if they could even hire one mortal soul in the world they would never be in love, to begin with, but keeping aside all the jokes another fact is that, an idea of that kind of proposal is completely stale now, since its inception the idea has been repeated like a billion times. Heck, I am stuck in the traffic right now because an idiot is performing the same in the open road as I write this note.
What’s next? Well if you look forward to proposing your loved one with an engagement ring, there are always other ways. One of my favorites is the jealous love technique. To suggest someone in a decent fashionable manner or make your love grand you don’t need to pain others or at least most of them. Young people would understand me, yes love is melodious and sweet as syrup, but we can also add a hint of wickedness to that interesting cocktail and still boast on the ship of the best proposal ever.
Here is what you do; well you need someone to help you to pull this off but not as much as 500 people, not even five but only 2 of your lover’s closest friends. Select your lover’s best two female friends, and call your lover that you are going out of town for some work. Now as she believes ask her second friend to play with your lover’s mind, start a rumor that you and her first friend are secretly dating and about to make out in a posh hotel suite. Your lover well obviously jealous will take her friend and charge to the hotel with her nostrils flaring, and that’s where she sees the entire suite lit with candles with rose petals everywhere. And then from behind you come up with the engagement ring and champagne in your hands, you propose her and what are you waiting for? Take the relationship to the next level; the suite is already booked. Well, of course, that sure depends on if she has said a charming “YES.”



Well as we were about to kick start the wedding season this November, I got an exciting email from a friend in Delhi who asked me how to propose his girlfriend for marriage? I gave him an idea, and it worked wonders, and as I write this blog, their wedding card is staring me from the desk. My friend indeed encouraged that since I have great proposal ideas why don’t I share a few with the world for the sake of lovelorn gentlemen like him, to which I laughed cause there is no way I am going to tell it all without a price, but on continuous insistence I am sharing the grandest of them all.
Love is not a feeling to hide; it’s something that one should always be proud of. Love needs great care and nurturing, and if you do not take good care of it, it might just fade off. But when you are about to take your love vehicle to the next stop, you have to make it grand.

Every relationship has a journey, from the moment the lovers meet to the particular day of the proposal, the innocent dates, the funny incidents, and the first kiss among other first things. All those moments are always there with you and when you are about to propose your lover why not revisit all the lovely moments a musical presentation. All you need to do is hire dramatics or musical company and narrate your love story. Of course, everything comes for a price, and with such a grand gesture you cannot pass off with an ordinary engagement ring, remember engagement rings and weddings rings are there with you through your entire life make them precious and be an open heart when you spend on it.
Now on the day of the grand musical invite your lover’s family and friends but make sure that your lover has no idea about what the musical which, hell you can even say it’s a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, these cheesy lines are never out of fashion. As she is stunned and surprised, have the spotlight on her, and an instant proposal with that diamond-studded engagement ring will fill her with tears of joy and an indispensable urge to spend the rest of her life with you.


Proposal! A time of celebration when time and everything else freezes, a time of joy and a time when reality becomes a fantasy. Projects are special events in our life that change one’s life forever — a time when even the Earth and the sky wishes to join hands. It is a time of infinite love. And, where else would it be most interesting but a special place where everything looks special- A fiesta. The world is full of celebrations, and festivals or carnivals are how they are manifested. Year after year carnivals attracts more people and fun is on its way. Dance, drinks, music, food and much more help one liberate his soul, and in the crowd, everyone has fun the way they want. But it also serves a particular purpose in our case! Choose your destination carefully. Carnivals such as the ones in Rio de Janeiro are the right place to make your loved one feel special. One, because they come only once in a year or rarely; and second, it will come as a complete surprise. As the music fills the air and the thrill surrounds you, you take your loved one to the farthest corner of the carnival which is dark, so dark, until. You tell her that you have something special for her hidden in that dark corner. Times stands still when surprise and curiosity bloom in her face. Only you know what is hidden beneath the shadows of the night. As your voice fades, fades the darkness into a moment of grandeur. What else would make this occasion special but a Diamond ring? Music fills the air as brightness grows around you and there are people all around you jumping out of nowhere, playing the best music ever composed, you kneel and present her, the diamond ring. She freezes and so does the diamond ring at the magnitude of your love, unleashed!

Hide and seek:

Surprise, the very fabric of proposal is unleashed as you break open a secret in the most unexpected time like children playing hide and find with friends. Keeping your loved ones in a state of suspense is fun. Roam throughout the city, throughout the streets, and go exploring. It’s time for shopping! Buy gifts, lots and lots; Flowers, chocolates, bouquets, etc. A wedding ring complements all this, without which all other awards are meaningless. A gift that your love loves most hand-picked carefully is hidden in places where only you know. And make sure it doesn’t get stolen, or it’ll end up in an ironic comedy.
Let the game begin. From a distance, you keep cheering up yourself and watching the fun. The chain reaction starts with a bouquet that doesn’t have a name, but an address of the location of the next gift. It is going to be mysterious. The Gift asks your girl “how are you?” imprinted in beautiful fonts. Curious to know what who sent it, she’ll follow it. Let’s lead her, to an ice cream parlor. Perhaps, where she’ll get her next clue, a delicious ice-cream and a bouquet with lovely roses. The ice-cream parlor tells her “DO you like me?” in bold prints painted on the wall as it leads her to a nearby shop. It’s a dream come true Chanel boutique which presents a beautiful wedding gown and another note, “You look gorgeous today” and another address. The trail of clues leads her to place after place and finally, it leads to a brilliant park that has the most exciting scenery and across the cherry blossom trees, you stand waiting with a bouquet and a wedding ring. As she reaches you, you ask her “Will you marry me?” The wedding ring sparkles as her smile sparkles as well – A moment of eternal rejoice. It’s time for a party!

A rendezvous in heaven:

What is the beautiful place in the world? From the tallest buildings to the deepest seas, what is the best place on earth that would make a perfect proposal ground? Sometimes a beautiful garden, sometimes an exotic island, but there is a place where heaven and hell meet on earth, and no other place is as beautiful as this. The Sea! Into the mighty ocean, in a cold and silent night, with the sky lit brightly by the stars, and the waves are playing a symphony, the sea is always unique, a place as sweet as heaven and as silent and rugged as hell. Would that place be the best on Earth? Find it out. Arrange a private yacht and get your loved one there and take her by surprise. Don’t tell where you are planning to go, but make her. It is something she would never have seen before. Perhaps a night rides through the seas!
As the seas sing you a beautiful song and the stars dances in the sky, can there a better place than this? You arrange a rendezvous to the waters in a private yacht, and your hand glitters an engagement ring, designed just for the occasion that resembles bright stars in the sky. As the journey proceeds into the dark spaces of the sea with only you and your love, the ambiance I set for the proposal. But wait for the right time to make the occasion even more special. Seagulls from nowhere sing sonnets from somewhere; the shallow seas shall soften for you to utter the words that you’ve longed to speak “Will you marry me?” The engagement ring has been waiting for this moment. She looks happy, and so is the diamond engagement ring. So kiss the bride, what are you waiting for? It’s time for celebration. Maybe you could also have your marriage there.


An ordinary place looks enchanted in the presence of your loved one. A simple place may be transformed into a special one. Love has that magic that nothing else offers. A person in love forgets the world. What else does one need when one’s passion is beside him or her? Taking this fact into consideration, let’s formulate a cost-efficient and simple proposal plan. Sometimes simple solutions work best. There is nothing more satisfying than a walk with your love on a quiet path. Distances disappear, Time freezes as you walk around the boulevard of beautiful trees that welcome you with the red carpet of fallen flowers. Nature is the best host ever. Pick a lonely road that is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. When the birds are asleep, in the depth of the night, you make your dream- walk. Try talking about happy memories that you both share, dream about them, think about them, re-enact them. Don’t tell her you’re up to. Make is a casual visit kind so that the proposal comes as a sweet surprise. You talk, walk, dream through the boulevard as time flies by. Like a never-ending road, your journey proceeds as you choose a beautiful tree by the side of the road, a perfect spot for a romantic proposal. Take her nest to this beautiful spot and make the recommendation amidst nature and nature alone enriched by the brilliant gift a girl can ever receive, a diamond ring. As fireflies light up the air, birds chirp, flowers all around, under the dark blanket of the sky, and the brilliant stars, your diamond ring show up. As you kneel, your lover takes the wedding ring and plants a kiss upon your brow. Isn’t romantic it? Sometimes simple ideas like this can create memories that last forever. Nature played its role perfectly, and all ends well.

Craziness pays off, not always, but sometimes. Crazy ideas have the power to fix things that sanity cannot do. This blitzkrieg method of the proposal is merely delightful. Like a thief plotting a robbery, it’s time for some craziness. It may sound absurd or a little insane, but it’s the perfect risk that gives you the precise moment you have been waiting for years. Just forget your love for a couple of days before her birthday so that the proposal comes as a big surprise. Not though. Just avoid contact. It may be difficult, but it pays off. Risky but rewards wait for the night of her birthday. That night will change your life forever. Avoid messages, tweets, chats, and calls. Sneak around often to find a route into her house. And when the right time comes up, wait. Time for some adventure! A Sherlock Homes thing; like a thief, sneak into her home and hide beneath the bushes and grooves awaiting your chance to – break-in! Wait for the right time and moment. Any mistake and you will be mistaken for a real thief. Ant things will certainly turn against you.
Proceed with our plan. As the clock strikes twelve, you get into her garden, and through her window, you give her a complete shock. Armed with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a gorgeous wedding ring you are there to steal her heart. Time freezes as tears drip down her cheeks. The break-in worked just perfectly. You kneel to give her your greatest gift – your wedding ring, as a symbol of infinite love. And ask her if she’ll marry you. Eureka! She accepts! But things aren’t over yet. Don’t forget to sneak out the same way you sneaked in. Craziness pays off. A perfect gift for the perfect day!

Love has no end!

It was their fiftieth anniversary, and he decided that he’d surprise her for the first time since they’d gotten married. He planned to take her for a walk to the beach around 5.30 pm. As strange as it may seem, sunsets brought tears to her eyes, and he loved watching her then. He’d come to understand that, the love between them had been more of a silent understanding and all those years they shared had suddenly been of more value to him than his life itself. It had taken him 50 years to understand what she meant to him, and he wanted to tell her. This was a chance he didn’t want to lose. He wanted her to feel like the center of his world. It was all planned — the walk through the stretch of the beach followed by a Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and the Prejudice’ and a candlelight dinner with champagne.
It was finally their wedding day, much like their usual days. But there was love. She could sense it too. The plan was beginning to fall in place. He couldn’t contain his excitement. At precisely 5 pm, they left for their walk. She silently sobbed while watching the sunset and slowly held his hand. The rest of the trail was in quiet. The movie came in as a surprise to her.
Nevertheless, she happily nestled in his arms recollecting the classic love stories she’d read as a teen. Her happiness knew no bounds that night. The plan was bang on. The movie was followed by the dinner which he’d cooked for the two. She was elated. Wonder what term would suffice for what came next! At the end of the meal, the last thing expected was seeing him down on his knees with the diamond ring and whisper, “Will you marry me, again?”

How to woo your girl the crazy way

Every girl wants to be swept away by her armor-clad prince while riding his white horse. All those fairy tales she heard as a kid built her castle of hopes that one day her prince charming will come exactly the way she has dreamed of. For a girl who had spent her teenage reading books of love, would’ve planned her dream proposal sequence and rehearsed at least a million times.
Love surrounds her world, and she expects you to tell her what she means to you. So, if you want to show her how special she is to you and if you’re ready to pop the question, why not try something different? Don’t destroy the entire stereotype of the superior proposal, yet add some of your zings to it. If your girl is a hopeless romantic at heart and yet has a streak of crazy in her you can probably give this a shot. The reaction on her face will be priceless and worth all the effort you take. You can take her for a horse ride down the streets just after midnight where there is calm and quiet. Let the moonlight take control of the situation and arouse the romance between the two of you. Then, you can suddenly scream out the much-awaited question, “Will you marry me?” And just after she responds, slip the diamond ring on her finger. Slowly, move the strands of her hair from her face and whisper, “I love you!” The smile on her face will grow wider and you know she’s loved it. And just like that, you’ve swept her off her feet in the horse she always dreamed of, and you’re the crazy prince charming she’s waited for all her life.

Add your personal touch
Love is that emotion which brings two people closer. It unites the two bodies into one soul with love and affection. Love is the basis of all relationships. If you want to express your appreciation to your partner and want that memory to be registered in her heart for a lifetime, you can add your personal touch. The advantage of adding your bit to the entire set up is that it will make her feel even more special and important. Girls love attention, and that should be the focus of your plan.
The expression is all it takes to confess love. You can decorate your house with rose petals and candles and place a massive banner on the wall with the phrase, “Will you marry me?” in bold letters. You can also enlarge a few pictures of the two of you and paste it on the wall or frame it up to make the atmosphere look even more beautiful. Before you bring her to the house, you can blindfold her. When she’s at the doorstep, you can play her favorite song in the background and quickly go down on your knees with the diamond ring. You can then ask her to remove the blindfold and capture her reaction slowly. That expression on her face seeing the entire set up will indeed be priceless. And soon after she responds to your question, you can plant a kiss on her forehead and share a dance at the song which is unique to both of you. It will indeed be the most unforgettable day of both your lives. That moment will after that be the beginning of a new experience for both of you, a journey of love.

Hunt the Treasure

Instead of the usual and stereotyped fashion of proposing, why not try the classic, clichéd and yet the most golden style of the proposal with a twist? Such unexpected plans serve as sparks to every relationship. Plan a treasure hunt for your partner with clues to lead her to the final stop where you’d propose her. Select a few random places or places she loves or places the two of you have shared memories, and then leave clues at those places in the form of a trail leading to the next stop. Every evidence can be related to some memory you’ve shared with her or a song or a date that will lead her to the next spot with ease. The number of places could be a random selection or the number of months/years you have been dating. Design the clues in such a manner that leaves her thinking and guessing the answer to the evidence.
The trail would finally lead her to the destination/last spot which can ideally be the place where the two of you met for the first time. That place will bring back the beautiful old memories and create a place for new memories waiting to take shape. The treasure hunt would surprise her throughout, and she would least expect the end. When she finally reaches the last stop, the arrangements can be made to her preference like the cuisine, flowers, and music she likes. She should feel like extremely special on that day. You can play her favorite song at the venue or even sing it for her, whichever would make her smile the most. Then naturally pop the much-awaited question, “Will you marry me?” and bring out the sparkling diamond ring.

The Movie

Love is more of a need than a want. Everyone desires love in their life and especially love from that one person who means the world to them. Every memory, every moment, every event the couple shares together, invariably goes a long way in defining the depth and value of the relationship. There are a lot of common things which a couple share and enjoy doing together.
These similarities bring them closer and more comfortable with each other. For, one such analogy can be taken to your advantage and you can propose to your partner then. If the two of you enjoy watching movies together, you can make a video or a film of the memories you’ve shared, a clip expressing how you feel for her and pictures that you’ve clicked together.
Collectively, a video/movie can be made and showcased on special permission in a theatre close by or even at home to add your personal touch. The video will convey exactly how you feel and will rush a series of memories which the two of you shared. It will seem like revisiting the past, walking down the memory lane. And probably, at the end of the video, insert a clipping stating the obvious question, “Will you marry me?” and then surprise her with the radiant diamond ring which she has been waiting for. You can even have your close family and friends over to share that particular moment with you when you pop the question. Despite being a straightforward way to ask the most important question of your life, the reaction on her face after seeing the issue on the screen and the ring by her side, she will be unable to contain her excitement. It will be another day that will go down in the pages of history.

The Diamond connection

Ceremonies hold an essential place in your life as they connect you to your special moments. In a unique way and turn makes the celebration worth cherishing forever. But often there are ceremonies which you wish to create uniquely for the one you love! You want to fill in your precious moments with priceless emotions, and that leaves you with an idea to buy the world’s best gift ever for your spouse. And nothing else can be a better gift for someone special than a beautiful diamond ring!
Diamond rings are considered to symbolize prosperity and power. On the one hand, they are believed to be blessed with various healing qualities like that of enhancing trust in a relationship, increasing confidence, helps in detoxifying and promoting clarity. On the other hand, these diamond rings are just a way to show off their economic status for women. But setting aside all its pros and cons, gifting a diamond ring is always considered to be the most graceful gifting gesture of all.
An engagement is an occasion where two people ornaments each other’s forefinger with a beautiful engagement ring because it is said the nerves of your finger are connected to the heart, so a ring worn on forefinger ornaments the feelings of the heart too. And if the ring is worn is of diamond, then it tends to increase the intensity of joy at that moment. Engagement rings or preset rings are said to signify the intentions of a man or woman to marry his/her spouse. People mostly prefer engagement ring to be made of the diamond because of diamonds last forever, and so, in turn, it will symbolize that their relationship will last forever too. The demand for buying engagement rings and preset rings made of diamonds is always higher than the rings made of gold or white gold but comparatively less than those made of platinum. The majority prefers to go for the diamond!
Wedding ceremonies are known to be the most pious occasion for every couple as on this day they unite as one. And the exchange of a wedding ring among the spouses is the sign vesting of responsibilities and trust on each other that will enhance their love and togetherness in turn for life. A wedding ring symbolizes commitment for life and provides a sense of security to the couple. Wedding rings made of diamonds are always the first choice for any person. Diamonds look graceful, they are just a piece of crystal, but when they glitter, they still manage to bring a shine on that someone special’s face! The importance of wedding rings can never be defined in just a few words.
Rings are worn for various reasons but rings studded with these beautiful diamonds are always successful in stealing away one’s heart. So whenever you desire to gift something precious and meaningful to your partner, let the diamond rings do the honor! Because a diamond that lasts forever will make you relation shine forever too!

Never ending demand for diamond rings!

Diamonds are known to be the costliest precious stone existing on earth by the people in general. Not all hold exact or even a bit of knowledge about its history and existence. Most people refer to it as an ornamental stone used for making various kind of jewelry.
Diamond is a metastable allotrope of carbon which was formed when the carbon atoms got arranged in a face-centered crystal cubic structure called the diamond lattice. But for its intense luster, it gained high importance in the field of creating jewelry and ornaments. And commonly it is used for making finger rings!
Diamond rings come under the category of luxurious goods and always holds a high demand in the market. If a person thinks of presenting someone something that is of great value and earns a lot of respect in the eyes of the viewer, his first choice in maximum cases is always a diamond ring. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, they are durable and lasts forever thus diamond rings are costlier than those made of gold, silver or white gold but not that expensive as platinum. A diamond ring is and will always be the first preference for both the middle as well as the upper class of the society despite its cost.
Diamonds rings are made of various shapes and designs according to the taste and preference of the consumers. They are available in all sorts of range depending upon the size of the diamond. Most people buy diamond rings on the occasion of engagement or marriage. Engagement rings and preset rings are often designed taking into consideration the fact that a couple would want their engagement ring to signify love and togetherness. While creating the engagement rings or the preset rings, the designer is always particular about the ideas to make it match with the sentiments of the occasion. After all no matter how much you load a bride with various jewelry, for her the engagement ring on her finger will be the sole reason for her to feel beautiful.
Wedding rings are also designed with diamonds. At times these wedding rings are designed in combination with white gold or platinum. The costs of a combination of white gold with diamonds are less expensive in comparison to the combination of platinum with diamond. But as we know, it’s not the cost that matters but the grace of the gift! Exchange of wedding rings in a wedding ceremony symbolizes the transfer of various emotions and leads to the beginning of the chapter in the lives of the couple and their families. A wedding ring will thus always hold a sacred place in the rituals of the wedding ceremony. And the incomparable beauty of diamonds studded on a wedding ring plays a vital role in enhancing its piousness!
The ever-increasing demand for diamonds for gifting purposes has never been a recent phenomenon; it has been the same several years ago and seems to be the same ahead. Diamonds rings can never experience a fall in demand in the society for it is the most valued and wanted precious stone among all those who are in existence.


Everybody has a dream place they plan to visit one day. Women, especially do! Many times, you might have promised to take your girlfriend one place. However time passes, and despite occasional reminders, it just never seems to happen!! The most typical of sites might characteristically include beaches, hillsides, and shopping stations and if your girl is the more of the adventurous types, then pyramids and jungles might be up on the list too! Well if your mind is set as to propose to her, then its time you made a trip to her dream destination. Be prepared. The perfect room, the best dinner dates and romantic tours around the city. Keep her excited, but not enough for her to guess that you might propose. Oh, and don’t forget to pack the most important thing – the diamond ring!

The key to a good proposal, apart from a beautiful marriage ring, is to be spontaneous and romantic. Wake her from her sleep one night and drive/fly her away to her dream destination, run always being a current favorite to most girls. Keep it healthy for the first few days like you genuinely mean to tour around in her company. And finally, when you looked about enough in the city and chosen the perfect spot to ‘execute the proposal’- go right away with it, nervousness aside.
Choose the perfect scene, improvise the best lines, buy the prettiest diamond ring and ask the obvious question! You could or could not have music in the background or fireworks in the sky. But one particular NO-NO for Runaway proposals is family members or friends around since your girl will be looking for a getaway.
Therefore, honor the word ‘Runaway’ in every sense of it!!



For a girl, a diamond ring is probably the epitome of a man’s expression of his love in its most intimate form. Another great marriage proposal would be by initiating it where the two first met as a couple. Or maybe where the two first kissed or first shared an intimate moment. It is a fact universally accepted that nothing rekindles and invigorates love like the first special something shared between the couple. Even the most unromantic of couples hold a heartfelt sentiment towards their first something. And that is exactly what the guy could use in the backdrop of his proposal. Only this time he could crowd it up with close friends and (love marriage-tolerant) family members, along with the girl’s favorite song playing in the background. And then the music stops, the lights go dim, and everybody falls silent.
The primary objective is to take back your time together, the city you’ve been living in and your girlfriend to the place where ‘it all started.’ It is in fact, guaranteed, that your girlfriend will be overly contained with happiness not to realize what your next step is going to be. Carry a bouquet of plush roses and hand it over to her when you both get there. A black cloth tied around her eyes will up the surprise quotient, though avoid it if she gets irritable- that is the last thing you want before the big moment. Finally, when the time is right, come forward and gets down on one knee, in the most typical yet golden style of proposing, with a shimmering diamond ring held out in one hand and pop the now inevitable – will you marry me? – question and make it sound confident and heartfelt and as perfect as the whole setting is!


We girls love movies!! Maybe not more than diamond rings themselves but regard movie halls as the sacred stations where love is rekindled every Friday in numerous ways. Here’s what the guy must do- Book a movie hall for the night (the multiplexes might not offer you this option but theatres definitely will) and ask it to screen your girlfriend’s favorite romantic movie. Unless you’re sitting at- home types, there shouldn’t be any reason for your girl to eye you suspiciously for the asking to accompany her to one. Make sure the movie hall/ theatre is empty.
You will need to seat in exactly the center of the movie hall/ theatre. And most importantly, hide the diamond ring in her popcorn. Yes, she will be questioning you as to what is going on, but you’ll need to stay mum until her favorite scene in the movie (hopefully, the most romantic one too) is playing. Be spontaneous, and time it correctly. Then make sure you offer her the popcorn right away with the diamond ring visible on the surface. Fingers crossed if she finds it right away and in time with the scene that’s playing, you can accordingly get down on one knee as she figures out what is going on!!

Now the scenario can do or do without the family member and friends in the movie hall; however you think your girl will enjoy the big moment better. Or you can call them in as soon as or if she says yes. Either way, you can even place your proposal at the end of the movie, but it is important to sit through the whole film with her (also if you don’t like it too much) for its time to make this movie the most memorable one of her life!!


Every girl wants a great, first-of-its-kind proposal. What better moment to strike the question than on her birthday?! There has to be one particular thing – maybe a jewelry set or a bag or a pair of shoes or some fancy dress or some electronic gadget. Whatever it is, make it appear as you might finally be gifting her one. For a guy, it is essential to know that nothing sparks happiness like a surprise after the excitement for it has been dipped down. This fact has been an underlying formula for various clichéd proposals. A molded form of one of those goes as follows-
It’s your girl friend’s birthday; you’ve booked a date in her restraint. Let’s assume she is expecting you to finally gift her bag she’s been craving for over a year now. You will need to make it seem quite like it when you walk towards her table in the restaurant with a gift that looks exactly like it could contain the same handbag- big and puffy with a shiny gift wrapper. Now instead of the one she has always wanted, you gift her some crappy random pick from the commercial street and let her excitement dip and convert into disappointment as she unwraps your gift. Make sure the handbag has a small inner pocket to contain your diamond ring. Assure her it’s not that bad and motivates her to keep looking ahead. She might be hesitant but manage to convince her to unzip the bag and listen carefully.
The diamond ring is sure to bring a massive smile on her face. Apologize for the disappointment and propose to her. Make sure it’s just as heartwarming as it is heartfelt because you’re not just suggesting but also making up for her birthday blunder.


Now, this proposal works entirely on the element of surprise. You need to make it happen when your girlfriend is least expecting but at a time when you’ve to decide to get married sooner or later. Spend a romantic evening with her. Sleep in. Make it look like your usual date nights. Say a few good things upon waking up and then decide to make her breakfast-in-bed. Whatever is her favorite, make sure the little red box with the diamond ring is placed perfectly between the various crockery.
It’s always better to go with classic English breakfast because diamond rings with paranthas aren’t exactly the most popular proposals. Make sure you place the folding table for breakfast-in-bed, on the bed, when she is in the bathroom- freshening up or something. The diamond ring is such that it isn’t noticed right away but make sure it is conspicuous enough. When she is back from the bathroom (and hopefully surprised at what she sees, if you’re not usually the kind of men who make breakfast)- seat her and wait for her to discover the diamond ring, all this while acting all normal and just when she does, get down on one knee and ask the question!
Now, this kind of proposal is very ‘off-top-of-head’ and doesn’t require the presence of close friends or family. So go right away with it! And if it’s a yes, enjoy your breakfast and hopefully the rest of your life with her too!